R.J. Carter,
A Process Service Company
We provide legal process service for Civil law, Family law, Judgment Enforcement, and Tenant-Landlord lawsuits.
(Writ of Execution)
Bank Levy
Wage Garnishment
Third Party Levy
Unlawful Detainer
3 Day Notice
30 Day Notice
60 Day Notice
90 Day Notice
(Divorce Cases)
Summons & Petition
Order to Show Cause
Restraining Orders
Child Support and Custody
We are a process service company providing legal process support in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are registered bonded and provide timely, reliable and professional service within California. We prepare and serve many types of legal documents and deliver proof of service upon completion.
CIVIL LAW                    
Summons & Complaint
Small Claims
Order of Examination
Eviction Service
Judgment Collection Service
Need to collect on a judgment? We can help you if you know the bank account number or place of work for the person owing you money. We will help you get a writ of execution issued and prepare documents for the bank or employer. See our SERVICE link or contact us for more information.
For property owners and property managers representing them-self, we can provide assistance in preparing, serving and filing your eviction lawsuit. We can provide self-help assistance to end tenancy with a 3, 30, 60 or 90 day notice, to start an eviction lawsuit with an unlawful detainer, to request for entry of default or to process a contested eviction. We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. We do reference attorney written and public documents to assist you with the legal process. LDA 101 Alameda County. Please contact us for more information.

Process Service
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